Erika Anderson is a mom, wife, elementary school teacher, writer, perfectionist, and is currently recovering from a well-deserved burnout. She learned through trial and fire how to find calm in the middle of her chaos by confronting both her wounds and her faith.

Born and raised on the Canadian prairies, Erika and her husband of nine years, Travis, are now raising their three sweet girls to also appreciate the wide open spaces and never-ending skies. Together, they are learning to embrace mistakes, live vulnerably, and see Jesus in a very imperfect world. Familial, spiritual and mental health are now their external measure of success.

She is an avid reader who also enjoys running, snowboarding, chicken farming, puzzles, coffee, naptime, community, jazz and Jesus.

Erika previously worked with James Penner and Associates and the Evangelical Fellowship of Canada to produce the national report on why young adults are leaving Christian churches, entitled Hemorrhaging Faith.

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